Return to Sacredness is a space for anyone who can feel in their heart that life was meant to be much more than we were led to believe. It is a place for those looking for emotional, mental and spiritual support in life, for courageous hearts ready to embrace the journey of self-healing. I hope that it will become a group of like-hearted people working towards bettering themselves through self-acceptance, love and compassion and that whatever benefit you might gain through our meetups, you’ll be able to share it in your sphere of influence. There will be weekly, online and in-person, classes and workshops available, moments in time where we can take a break from everyday busy-ness, sit down and relax into a guided meditation, share our challenges, ask questions or just allow ourselves to be, to breathe and enjoy the space of acceptance and unconditional positive regard. You will walk away with grounded tools which, when applied and practised in daily life, become your best ally and inevitably lead to embracing more wholeness, authenticity and psychological clarity. If that is something that resonates with you, please join Return to Sacredness and Welcome Home.

Our meetup group