From Jo

"I’ve been working with Ewa over the past five months on very personal goals. Throughout this time I’ve found her to be a compassionate, insightful coach who has supported and encouraged me to delve deeply into the goals and make breakthroughs and progress that would not have been possible without her. Ewa has a gift of holding the space, allowing me to talk whilst still feeling supported by her presence. She’s offered insight and clarity, often only be a short sentence or question, which cuts to the heart of the issue and helps me see a different way. I’ve felt totally comfortable to experience every emotion that came up as I never felt judgment or an agenda from her. I would recommend Ewa as a coach."

Jo, Health Coach


From Mary

"Ewa provides a deliberate, thoughtful style to coaching that allows and gently pushes the coachee to respond and dig deeper within. She kept the focus of the coaching session about me and my goals. She trusted the process of coaching and encouraged through her silence and powerful questions. Her trust of my wisdom and strengths generated more creative and positive awareness that helped me approach issues with clarity and new perspectives. I learned from Ewa's coaching to trust the coaching process. Her strong quietness and gentle questions powerfully moved me towards deeper understanding and a breakthrough I could embrace and celebrate!
Ewa coaches with love and trust that her coaching client holds the ultimate wisdom within to move forward towards desired goals. She wraps her kindness around you and patiently encourages the unfolding. When she speaks, you want to listen because it's powerfully thoughtful and positively motivating. I cherish my experience with Ewa. I have been able to be much kinder to myself in both work and relationship challenges. I feel lighter and brighter. Ewa's loving care for me stays beyond the end of our coaching together."

Mary, Licensed Clinical Social Worker


From Arlene:

"Ewa is intuitive, insightful, warm and wonderfully in tune with her clients, supporting them to move in the direction of their own unique potential and taking each challenge or perceived pitfall and assisting them to transform it into solutions, discoveries and new possibilities. That’s what I love the most about working with Ewa, her optimistic, encouraging and enabling approach. As a coach, she has helped me to move forward in personal and professional life, always challenging me to be my best. Thank you Ewa!"

Arlene Cohen Miller, USA A-V Rated Attorney; Executive Coach, Jewel Consultancy


From Lynette:

"It is a true privilege to share my experience with Ewa with others. I find Ewa to be completely trustworthy and ethical. I know that anything I tell her is kept in the strictest of confidence. I have found myself able to let go and be and say whatever I needed to in order to heal, gain insights or guidance depending on the situation. She holds me constantly in a space of compassion and non-judgment without which much of my learning and growth would not have occurred. I recommend Ewa's services to anyone who is seriously wanting change in their lives - or even those who simply want answers. She helps to empower you to find the answers that are already there within you."

Lynette Kinnear


From Adi:

"I have been coached by Ewa for several months. During this time she provided me with excellent suport in the area of self organising and setting personal goals. Ewa’s work has been a major factor in my life style change and success, helping me to feel less stress in my day to day work. I am absolutely delighted with the result and would confidently recommend Ewa as a reliable life coach and expert in this field to anyone."

Ardavan Iravani