Criticism (inwardly and outwardly) seems deeply ingrained in our lives. We have gotten used to it, it has become a habit and most of us don’t question why it so.
Lets look at the roots of this activity. Where does criticism derive from?

We come to this life as fragile, tiny beings. Not only our physical bodies are delicate and prone to damage but also our emotional and mental structure is delicate and vulnerable. The world we are born into is sometimes harsh, full of judgment and criticism. What others say and do (often with good intentions) can really hurt. As little children, we don’t know any better and we create the best self-protective system we are able to. A part of it is the inner critic. If we criticize, judge, condemn and beat ourselves up as hard as we possibly can, nothing that comes from outside of ourselves will  hurt as much.  
As self-determining adults, we can reach out for better tools and make wiser decisions. We can turn inner critic into an inner coach.
Let’s start with gratitude which is a key to transformation. When you hear the harsh voice in the head, consider it a gift. You’ve caught a moment when you were not present and the critic took over. It has created a smoke screen to cover up how you really feel. Simply say “no, thanks” to the critic and allow the feelings to flow. It’s important not to identify with the feeling as it’s just energy which wants to come to the surface, be felt, acknowledged and released. It is not who you are. You are much bigger and greater than this.
Also, give your mind a new job. Instead of criticizing, it can run affirmations which are a powerful method of focusing on what’s positive and creating change.
You can easily create your own positive statements expressed in present tense, as this is what affirmations are. To get you started, here are some examples:
I now choose to create a home which is a peaceful heaven.
I now choose to create a body which creates perfect balance and harmony.
I am achieving my desired weight now.
I love life and life loves me.
I am so grateful for all the love I have to share.
Watch how life starts shifting thanks to your optimistic attitude and make some notes of your observations. In this way, you can create a wonderful record to reach for during moments when everything seems like “doom and gloom” and it will greatly assist you in keeping things in perspective.