“I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul” says William Ernest Henley in his uplifting poem “Invictus”. How wonderful would it be to be able to live from that space? What kind of supportive tools do we need to become our masterful selves?

Lets start with self determination which to me it is the ability to stay present, grounded and centered and choose my thoughts, feelings, attitude and perception from that space. We all have the freedom to do so, no matter what our current circumstances, no matter what’s happening in the moment, no matter what others do or don’t do, say or not say. We have the ability to respond instead of react. True and authentic self determination derives from self love and self esteem. It needs to come from within otherwise you are always looking for validation, acceptance and approval from outside of yourself. And that’s handing power over to others. We have got to remember that other people’s opinions are none of our business. Others look at us through their own lenses, perception, belief system, story, conditioning, fears etc. What they see in us has really nothing to do with how we really are. And the other way round. We have our own way of looking at the world and unless we have achieved complete psychological clarity and enlightenment, our perception can be pretty foggy. We see ourselves through clouded, subjective lens, put ourselves in boxes and start believing that this mind-created version of us is real, that it is all that there is to us. How limiting! Lets build a healthy self esteem which allows us to fulfill our needs from within, to stand strong in self love and to realize our unlimited potential. How can we do this? It all starts within. The external world is only a manifestation of what lies inside of us. By focusing on transforming the inner we are taking care of the outer at the same time.